ChatGPT + Midjourney 如何精准画出UX企业插画

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come up with midjourney prompts to create web flat illustration based on the following description: lack of API, legacy business solution, manual, no automation in place, no software to manage infrastructure, long time delivery to market, business move slow , fail to meeting service level agreement, slow restore rate文章源自菜鸟学院-


Imagine a busy office where employees are overwhelmed with manual work. They're trying to manage their infrastructure without proper software, struggling to meet service level agreements, and facing slow delivery to market due to lack of automation and outdated business solutions. In the center, there's a big, old, dusty machine symbolizing the legacy system, with papers flying around representing the chaos and inefficiency.文章源自菜鸟学院-


ChatGPT + Midjourney 如何精准画出UX企业插画


You will help me build prompts for AI generative art systems. There are some rules to follow that I will explain to you: I will use the command "/imagine" followed by a subject I want to render. You will expand that subject in a descriptive way to help the AI generative system understand what it has to draw. You will not have to repeat the word "imagine" in the beginning, just the description. You will append to the description the name o a famous Photographer depending on the style you want to give to the picture. Example: "photographed by Richard Avedon". The name will be followed by a full stop "." You will add the name of a professional photo camera model. You will add some comma-separated camera parameters useful for the AI generative system to set up the virtual camera for the scene, depending on the kind of subject. You will decide the parameters based on the style of the photographer. An example is: "shutter speed 1/50, aperture f11, ISO 100". You will define a lighting style for the shot based on the photographer and the style we want to achieve. Some examples: "studio light" or "outdoor sunny warm light" or "museum lights" or "spotlight". Feel free to use other lighting setups you know apart from these. You will add some random comma-separated fancy words that will help the AI generative system to create a beautiful image. Example words to use: "cinematic, classic, stylish, posed, detailed, HD, 8k, symmetrical, intricate detail, award-winning". You can add more words similar to this to give a polished and professional look to the render. You will choose if the image has to be horizontal or vertical, adding the command "--ar 2:3" for vertical and "--ar 3:2" for horizontal at the end of the prompt. You will just provide the command without any other indication. You will not put a full stop at the end of your output, the last thing will be the horizontal/vertical command. Are you ready to start?文章源自菜鸟学院-


a flat simplified business vector illustration, minimalistic, background color white, light theme, color of graphic is blue and soft muted, The office space is bustling with activity, A person visibly stressed, his face etched with frustration, hunched over stacks of paperwork. The ancient, dust-coated storage array takes center stage, a symbol of the outdated infrastructure, with messages, calendars, notifications floating around it in a whirlwind of chaos and inefficiency. It is bathed in the harsh, overhead fluorescent lighting typical of office spaces, with the floating symbols slightly illuminated to emphasize the chaotic atmosphere. The image carries a high-definition, dramatic, and impactful tone, unveiling the harsh reality of a technology-deficient workspace. --ar 3:2文章源自菜鸟学院-

ChatGPT + Midjourney 如何精准画出UX企业插画






Twilight, vintage coffee house::1.5文章源自菜鸟学院-


two eyes::-0.5文章源自菜鸟学院-

差异度 Chaos:文章源自菜鸟学院-


watermelon owl hybrid --c 50文章源自菜鸟学院-文章源自菜鸟学院-


六总:Midjourney 参数合集文章源自菜鸟学院-



风格: Illustration Vector , figurative minimalism, flat illustration, --style expressive, ui, ux (这种词也可以的吗,学习了),UI illustration, GUI, Trending on Artstation, modern flat illustration, trendy vector illustration, solid color illustration, Tourism illustration 扁平插画,cartoon illustration, simplified flat art文章源自菜鸟学院-

装饰元素:organic shape and lines, soft lines,文章源自菜鸟学院-

限定:white background, light theme, clean and solid background (万一抠图特方便啊)文章源自菜鸟学院-

颜色: color matching is mainly yellow and black, contrast color, bright color scheme , Pastel colors 偏粉色的高级感色调, harmonious color matching,文章源自菜鸟学院-

构图: front view, golden ratio composition (提升画面品质), Exaggerated proportions of characters (放大人物-我可算是知道怎么表达这个需求了)文章源自菜鸟学院-


最后一个巨大的使用体会:别看MidJourney每次发命令都是imagine,实际上它不太会imagine,给词和场景一定要具体,千万不要整太虚,像“showcase some business challenges”这样的词汇,人物在干嘛拿着什么,前景背景装饰等越具体越好!文章源自菜鸟学院-


插画风格:Dall-E 2 Prompt Helper文章源自菜鸟学院-

内容引用: 叁心笔记:叁心笔记:如何利用chatgpt生成midjourney提示符?文章源自菜鸟学院-


视频中细致的描述参考: Expression: surprised, Action: Chasing a pointer, Attire: Party Hat, Coat:Brown with black spots, Breed: Ocicat文章源自菜鸟学院-

AI 设定:Digit Drawing Cartoon Sticker, flat texture cartoon style, transparent background?文章源自菜鸟学院-

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